Taking a multiple-muse approach this season, Peter Jensen tapped into the spirit of Truman Capote’s 1966 Black and White Ball, whose masked guests included Penelope Tree, Candice Bergen and Marella Agnelli. Those ladies’ masks inspired the jaunty bunny prints on silk dresses and the swan patterns on blouses. Silver Lurex jersey — resembling a starry sky — was shaped into pencil skirts and trousers. There were girlish touches, too, such as a large bow adorning the collar of a dress, frills spilling down the front of a white polo shirt, and a big P (for Penelope) on a varsity jacket that had been lengthened and shaped into a coat.

Jensen’s presentation in London featured tap dancers, rather than models, performing a routine dressed in the clothing, but this had more to do with his fantasies than with the reality of the Black and White bash.

“I could envision Candice Bergen and Tallulah Bankhead tap dancing away in all their finery,” said the Danish designer. “And I do think showing the clothes this way brings a modernity to them.”

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