A skinny charcoal sweater and leather Morticia skirt. A supercropped sweater strung with askew pearl and crystal strands over a tank and tight jeans covered in sequins and attitude. An outerwear jacket with shaggy goat sleeves over clunky boots. All black, save for the sweater, and all worn by girls with no visible makeup and ratty pigtails.

The quippy Vera Wang wasn’t there for the talk-through, and instead left a three-word sound byte, printed for accuracy: “Fun Furry Flirty.”

Well, one girl’s froth is another girl’s Goth. But why quibble over verbiage when the fashion is so fabulous? And so daring. Wang has a very specific point of view; always arty, it swings from gracefully moody to downright dark — not always an easy sell. But she forges on, in this case with dazzling results. This is a beautiful collection with greater range than the wantonly engaging styling suggests, pieces including a sleeveless reefer coat with big, intensely jeweled pockets, a pleated, mile-wide fluid evening jumpsuit and any number of undone, unfussy furs. Loose the pigtails and swap in the occasional pretty shoe, and these clothes will have women dripping with chic.

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