It’s most definitely a Stella McCartney presentation when the most surprising thing in the room — the top floor of the Upper East Side’s James Burden Mansion, which houses the Convent of the Sacred Heart’s Lower School — is not the mini golf course but the model with the putter wearing what appears to be a Mongolian fur vest. “It’s fake fur,” said McCartney, who did not have a 180 degree change of conviction on her position on fur (she’s staunchly anti, lest anyone have missed that) but did struggle with the concept of even promoting the look of it. “But I was speaking to women and they were like, ‘No, I want the fake fur alternative.’ I thought, why not just do great fake fur so real fur isn’t needed anymore?”

The faux gilets, hats and coats in a woven synthetic fiber could convincingly stand in for the real deal, and were tagged with patches that said “Fur Free Fur” for anyone who couldn’t tell the difference. They were but one small component of McCartney’s pre-fall lineup, an astute refresh of wardrobe staples: loose black trousers, a black ribbed turtleneck and fantastic tailored coats cut in clean, elegant lines and renewed by decorative details — big gold buttons arranged in a triangle on one black style, a snow leopard print on another oversized silhouette.

Playful floral prints in gold and green decorated structured tunics and pants designed for day-to-night dressing, while the true evening looks played on fluid tailoring, such as a strapless jumpsuit with a gold hardware circle at the bust, and a tunic and pants embroidered with dangling metal embellishments that matched a pair of earrings. At the risk of invoking the old cliché, the look achieved was classic with a twist.

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