Huishan Zhang’s first pre-fall collection was filled with hardworking fabrics and fine details.


“It’s super-lightweight and wrinkle free,” he said of the collection. “I sell worldwide and need to think of all different climates. I’m also traveling all the time, and I wanted to make clothes that were easy to look after.”


To that end there was a cashmere duffle coat — minus any bulk — for chilly weather, and mink coats that were made using a minimal amount of fur that had been stretched in an effort to make them weigh less.


Dresses were made from a mix of wrinkle-free technical fabric and lace, and one in particular had a bow in Swarovski pearls. Zhang also mixed lace with stretch wool or organza, as in one dress with alternating diagonal panels.


The collection was also filled with Zhang’s “lucky fabric,” an interlocking double eight eyelet pattern that came across dresses and a short jacket.

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