Topshop Unique’s pre-fall collection ranged from the oversize and sturdy, to the flowing and fanciful. Outerwear was a big part of this youthful, commercial collection, and highlights included a roomy, leopard-patterned cloque coat and a chartreuse crackled leather coat — both with a shearling collars — as well as an oversize corduroy Crombie. Denim also came in maxi proportions, as in wide-legged boyfriend jeans and a black maxiskirt.


A more delicate side fluttered through with a moth print on dresses, long and short, and poet blouses with ties that fastened just below the shoulders. There were sparkly twinsets, fluttery blouses and long wispy dresses with a gladiola print. As for evening, it ranged from the boyish — a green velvet suit paired with pointy Chelsea boots — to the sweetly seductive in the form of black transparent shirts and long dresses embellished with silver lame lace.

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