Carolina Herrera wanted her pre-fall collection to be tailored for daytime and glamorous for evening, “but an easy collection,” she said during a preview. Herrera is glamorous around the clock, so the daywear was as polished and poised as the gowns. She reworked house standards with a concerted effort toward soigné modernity. A pair of classic white shirts were renewed with crisp romance — one with lace details, the other with folkloric sleeves. They looked sharp with neat black skirts, one embroidered in a jasmine motif. White shirts are a genre Herrera knows well, but she’s not afraid of trying something new. For the first time, she included sweatshirts in her lineup, for evening no less. A green techno jersey style with accents was worn with a long skirt and a more day-ish zip up style was done in incredible feather embroidery. It was worn with a matching skirt.  “I see all the girls during the day with these sweatshirts looking for their children at school,” Herrera said. “I thought maybe they would love to wearing something like that in the evening.”

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