The Bauhaus is a constant inspiration to Lisa Perry, though she has never mined it as “intensely” as she did for pre-fall. “Its philosophy was trying to make design accessible to the masses,” she said during preview, noting that, as of spring, her label was moving to a lower, advanced contemporary price point. “We are trying to bring our collection to more people.” So the Bauhaus worked for her on several levels, its palette and color-blocking motifs obvious in the graphic red, blue and green worked all over Perry’s mod shapes: shifts, minis, fitted Courrèges-esque jackets. Repositioning the label is a good call by Perry. Lower prices make sense for her simple, Sixties Pop shapes. New branding is part of the strategy. For the first time, some of the clothes featured her logo hardware, a little gold “LP” on a red ribbed knit sweater and screw-top buttons on jackets. Also new to the line: sweatpants with a single, large-scale polka dot motif, T-shirts and a fairly basic white button-down.

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