“I really was focusing on wardrobe,” said Victoria Beckham. Stating the obvious? Perhaps so. Yet the comment is but one designer’s articulation of pre-fall’s prevailing idea-cum-sound bite that the season, though billed as “transitional,” is in fact a major source of clothes for every conceivable clothes-wearing situation.


Beckham took an unfettered approach, her goal “a collection the customer can merchandise in her own way. She can buy it in June and wear it in June. It’s about layering light fabrics; things that are comfortable.”


This time around for Beckham, it’s also about ample color, her own look making the point. During showings, she wore a two-piece stretch of hyper-bubbly purple seersucker indicative of the jewel tones sprinkled throughout. The lineup was a smart amalgam of bravado and ease based on long, linear silhouettes. On the bold side: an amethyst slipdress with black Battenberg lace trim over a skinny marigold turtleneck. Beckham’s tailoring was strong, her lightweight coats impressive, while suited looks doubled as low-key alternatives for the red carpet. And because Beckham considers herself a “magpie who always likes a little sparkle,” she included a drop-earring print, a real crystal dangling from each earlobe.