Jonny Johansson fanned the flames of childhood rebellion for pre-fall, showing his collection in a school gymnasium to emphasize the adolescent spirit, that he’s toyed with over the past few seasons. The lineup was divided into five groups meant to represent the way kids express individuality in a group dynamic. Among them, “Conservatives” wore tailored camel coats and twisted boucle pinstripe dresses. “Evil Teens” were stylishly incendiary in fiery colors and details, such as a black sweater with orange fringe flame embroidery. At least one member of the “Acid Pop” group could’ve been plucked from traffic duty in a safety orange denim-like jacket and matching miniskirt. Uniting the different personality tribes was an undercurrent of bourgeois classicism.


Traditional would be too on the nose, so Johansson radicalized through color, pattern, wooly fabrics, exaggerated proportions and artful cuts, elevating tailored coats, sheaths and slipdresses to wearably unique fashion pieces, including the shoes: flap sandals with industrial snaps worn over hairy mohair socks.

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