“Dallas,” the famous Eighties prime-time soap, was a key reference for Veronique Leroy for pre-fall. She revived the bling factor of her earliest collections and played it off the well-crafted wardrobe she’s been honing for many seasons. The tacky-versus-tasteful contrast was obvious in the palette of bright turquoise, gold and pale green against more classic shades like dark green, gray, black and beige. Gold leather was crafted into a long wrap skirt and a voluminous cropped jacket with topstitching — a nod to the Texas ranch life, which played out more subtly via orange stitching on a green crepe shirt and checked dresses. Ribbed knits were glamorized with little frills and open shoulders were particularly strong.


Balance was key. Leroy let the accessories, including gold leather belts, chunky heeled sandals and giant Perspex earrings, make the noise on otherwise low-key silhouettes.

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