Flying carpets, fire-breathing dragons, enigmatic panthers, as well as UFOs and the planet Saturn with rainbow rings. These were only some of the elements Alessandro Michele employed for pre-fall to narrate another fairy-tale. To this end, his very personal language wove charming plots across different worlds, ages and cultures. It was a fragmented composition, totally emotional and asynchronous. And, as it often happens with the weirdest suggestions, totally engaging.

A rule-breaker, Michele stole opulent evening dresses, including a stunning taffeta style with flocked ribbons, from the wardrobe of an imaginative Marie Antoinette and juxtaposed it in the lineup with a range of tracksuit-inspired leggings and sweatshirts infused with a vintage feel. Sophisticated shirtdresses in a patchwork of Sixties-style patterns found a place next to a knitted cape with embroidered bunnies, which echoed more surreal, psychedelic atmospheres than reassuring children’s books’ illustrations. He matched the American preppy look with Bohemian references: college blazers, sometimes cinched at the waist with fanny packs embellished with a metallic Gucci logo, were layered over ruffled maxidresses. A “do-it-yourself” attitude was encouraged by the detachable embroidered ribbons, as well as the array of collars enriched by precious details. Nothing was conventional and ordinary in the collection; everything was peppered by a surprising detail, a magic touch. Michele’s magic touch.

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