Christian Siriano’s pre-season lineups are always expansive. As they’ve become more important, they’ve become increasingly diverse to meet international needs (fall product apparently doesn’t sell as well in the Middle East’s 100-degree weather, go figure). So pre-fall was a mixed bag, inspired by gestural dancers and a hint of Victoriana for a collection of mild contrasts — voluminous yet lightweight, chic yet wearable, separates made for evening.

To that end, there was a thread of fluidity and motion tying together mix-and-match separates. A fully paneled color-blocked dress was flirty and provided great movement, even offering the appearance of ease hanging on the rack. A single-sleeve top featured ruffle ties that also wrapped around the waist, providing the sort of multifunctional details Siriano’s customers crave. Separates featured lighter fabrics, and the sense of lightness was underscored by the collection’s soft color palette.

Voluminous sleeves tied in Victorian elements on dresses and tops. They were structured yet lighter to the touch than they appeared. “We have a lot of customers that want to be covered but still want to look cool and interesting,” Siriano said in his showroom. Sheer blouson sleeves and open laces kept things modern.

As a large part of the business, Siriano provided plenty of evening separates like bodices and capes to keep things fresh, while also offering more classic, form-fitting gowns. Bird-embroidered prints on organza gowns provided the whimsy in the often serious evening category.

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