“Safe is not a good word for me,” said Fausto Puglisi during a walk-through of his pre-fall collection. To his point, no one would call his flamboyantly charming multicolored mohair cardigan with fur pom-pom buttons worn over a rainbow tulle dresses “safe,” but Puglisi is becoming increasingly conscious of the kind of clothes on which he can build a business. In the interest of developing two sides to his proud maximalist aesthetic — one unabashed, one “conservative, in a way” — for every color-blocked shearling jacket, there was a clean, A-line wool crepe dress. “The sellout was so good on them, that even if I don’t want to do that anymore, people ask me to do it,” he said. “In the end, when I see it on the mannequin, I adore it.” The collection was balanced with enough understandable, easy-to-wear pieces — T-shirts; printed cabans — to lure a relatively timid customer, as the full-throttle Fausto woman. He had her well-covered with a red and white palm-printed jacket over a matching skirt and over-the-knee printed boots.