Newcomers Michael Freels and Lauren Rodriguez have an aesthetic of modern-day vintage tinged with men’s and streetwear elements. Their Lorod label balances editorial appeal and elevated ease with a pulse on gender-fluid design — reworked denim, updated Americana and underpinnings-as-rtw all make ample appearances in their first full collection. They showed a capsule for spring to gauge market response, and ultrahip stores like Opening Ceremony, Shop Super Street and Assembly opted into it.

The collection is an extension of personal style and tailoring traditional men’s wear items to fit a woman’s body (Rodriguez is guilty of buying vintage boy’s clothes for herself). Updated workwear like carpenter pants got a literal twist in the seams to wrap around the legs, and was made with more refined fabrics like water-resistant lightweight canvas. Sexy knit henleys, quilted pieces referencing military garments and shorts inspired by men’s boxers straddled a gender-ambiguous line. Effortlessly cool, the line appeals to girls looking for no-fuss, relaxed chic dressing.

“The vibe of our clothes, to us, seems fairly straightforward because it’s what we’re inclined to make and look at, but to a lot of people there’s not much out there that’s like this,” Rodriguez said during a preview. Denim offerings in particular had a subversive quality that felt approachable. Jeans were cut with a relaxed leg and fashioned with a front-to-back zipper. They don’t currently zip entirely in half, but it’s something the duo might consider.

For now, the designers are focused on building a community of like-minded people around them. They collaborated with Leila Jinnah on hats, Sorelle for jewelry, and artist Grear Patterson for sunset paintings and photos superimposed on tops and bottoms.

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