Biba, the destination for London’s fashion-obsessed young girls in the Sixties and Seventies, was where Lorenzo Serafini got the sense of joy and exuberance he channeled into pre-fall. He wanted color, texture, shine and vintage femininity fit for those who fully embrace their girly side. There were Mod-ish coats in plaid and leopard spots, a white geometric lace dress with a black bow-tie neck, and a gold sweater with a cherry motif worn with a bright pink A-line corduroy skirt. There was no denying the retro vibe, which is, by definition, not new — but it was refreshing to see something so happy and independent of the streetwear that has become ubiquitous in the contemporary market and beyond.

“I was looking for a kind of escape from our time,” said Serafini, noting how the collection picked up on the positive, throwback fun of “La La Land.” If the film’s success is any indication, Serafini isn’t the only one in the mood for a fun escape.