Designing a classic and cool uniform for women on the go is at the heart of Veronica Beard. When the brand launched six years ago, sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard started with little more than their now-signature dickey jacket. It’s been a consistent bestseller since, and regarded by the designers as the first piece of that daily uniform. Now, all their outerwear and blazers are dickey-ready with interchangeable inserts, and they have an evolving library of utility clothing and wardrobe essentials.

Pre-fall was a celebration of an endless summer, a mix of bohemian and preppy nautical motifs. The idea was to present a collection of pieces to live in and add to the uniform: “You can wear a lot of our clothing to a school drop-off, to the office, and then be very casual and hang out on the weekend,” Miele Beard said.

To that end, easy cropped wide-leg pants, cozy striped knits and strapless dresses and skirts with ruched detailing provided the transitional elements from day to night. Mixed media items that gave the appearance of pre-styling, like sweaters with built-in shirt tales, helped with the transition to fall.

But the real highlights came when the duo played with classic fabrics in elevated ways. Shirting fabrics were used unconventionally to create an asymmetrical pleated skirt, a chic black ruched skirt with lace-up details, and trousers and a strapless dress with similar effect. Clingy knitwear in camel and ivory was designed with side-step hems, and tucked into the cropped wide-leg pants for the right balance of cool and sophistication.

“At the end of the day, it’s a lot of sexy,” mused Miele Beard. “Maybe it’s boy-inspired, but then there’s a feminine angle.”

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