Arty design collective Each x Other journeyed to Mexico for pre-fall, taking its urban consumer into territories where traditional motifs, tarot cards, Mayan symbols and contrasting prints all came into play.

Poems from in-house artist Robert Montgomery were translated into Spanish and posted on sweatshirts and jackets or embroidered onto the sleeves and collars of crisp poplin shirts. “La poesia es liberacion,” read one cropped sweatshirt, needing little translation.

The folk inspiration was interpreted literally on poncho-like knitwear; less so on designs like a black tailored suit with distressed brocade sleeves and lower legs with loose blue and red threads designed to be a reinterpretation of traditional serape fabric. There were also lots of colorful embroideries, on pale denim notably, a sprinkling of striped knitwear, and contrasting feline and polka-dot prints à la Frida Kahlo — of course. Ruffles and matador hats, meanwhile, added to the Latin feel, while leather biker jackets in bright colors with flared shapes were more citizens of the world.