Ingie Chalhoub strolled the footpaths of a winter garden for pre-fall, taking her inspiration from seasonal flora and working it into her motifs and color scheme. A beautiful Art Nouveau-style jacquard, with its black background and motifs in celadon green, coral pink, blue and gold, brought the collection together, and was worked in a range of shapes including a tailored coat and pants and a strapless cocktail dress.

The kaftan, an Ingie Paris signature, was reinterpreted in celadon or coral silk crêpe as a palazzo pant and flowing jacket combo with slit sleeve and a pearl button, a recurring feature punctuating the collection as a whole, and paired with a matching turban for a Seventies boudoir feel.

Chalhoub upped the glitz in several sequined items for evening — particularly appealing in deep forest green — and added glitter with two-tone Lurex metallic threads on chiffon blouses, dresses and long skirts, in an exclusive knit in burgundy, black and white with a tweed effect worked into a long cardigan coat with a fluid collar.

More minimal crêpe pieces completed the ensemble in a palette of burgundy and deep green, as in a simple yet elegant caped shift dress with a subtle ruffle on the shoulder.

For fall, Chalhoub said she would stage two small runway shows for the first time, instead of doing a presentation. They will be held at the Hôtel d’Evreux on March 3.

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