Etro creative director Veronica Etro said she wanted to portray the brand’s eclectic character for pre-fall. So instead of focusing on a single mood and inspiration, she proposed a whole lifestyle universe in which different personalities and attitudes can peacefully coexist.

It felt authentic, and Etro interpreted the concept by mixing and matching disparate references into a wardrobe filled with statement pieces. Craftsmanship and personalization really stood out. From the skirts and tops splashed with patchworks of archival knitwear samples, to the chenille ponchos printed and then over-embroidered, the collection exuded richnesses and preciousness. Even when the vibe got more street-ready, as in distressed jeans worn with a cadet jacket, the refined details and the special treatments lifted them beyond the ordinary. The tomboy feel of corduroy suits was juxtaposed with the Seventies’ rock ’n’ roll vibe of leopard pants worn with an embroidered vest. There was also the bohemian look of fluid maxi and minidresses printed with psychedelic paisley patterns.

Introducing male models in the lookbook, Etro also wanted to highlight the genderless vibe of certain pieces, such as robe coats, shirts and knitted coats, but also of the new Dream Catcher hobo bag, available in three sizes.

The brand continues to make its offer more appealing for younger consumers, while not dispensing with timeless and unique items reflecting its signature take on luxury.

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