Since lockdowns have made travel largely impossible, Christian Wijnants took a journey back in time by looking at his childhood photos.

The ensuing bittersweet nostalgia mixed with a longing for nature helped inform his pre-fall collection. It’s full of eye-catching, bold floral prints on long dresses and comfy knit ensembles worn with latex stockings — to a naughty but nice effect.

Wijnants’ prints harked back to those from the 1970s, “but a little more sharp, edgy,” reflecting the difficult pandemic period.

“This collection is a little bit less romantic and sweet than it was in the summer,” he said, highlighting girly dresses with bows and ruffles paired with oversize pieces or a patinated trench.

In a first, Wijnants added a capsule to the pre-fall collection, which he calls Essential, and which includes carryovers from former seasons, especially seamless knitwear.

The pre-fall collection, in warm colors like burgundy and navy, and splashes of pink, was photographed in a Brutalist building with sharp lines. It is surrounded by nature — giving a striking contrast that’s echoed in the clothes.

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