Updating the archives has never felt so relevant. Well-versed in the exercise, the collective behind MM6 Maison Margiela showed how it’s done, churning out an efficient lineup befitting the times — assertive outerwear, pinstriped tailoring, leggings, cycling shorts, hoodies and long skirts. The color palette was pared down, the house’s habitual nudes and pastels — employed for tonal dressing — were punctuated with bursts of neon. The crotch of a hot pink bodysuit was worn defiantly, left unfastened and untucked, paired with matching leggings that poked out from under a black trench coat and slit jeans skirt.

Also playful, a double T-shirt that can be worn three ways — stick your head in the first, and it looks like a T-shirt; the second and it fits like a cape. Zippers ran through the collection, on a slick leather vest — biker tinged, yet sleek — and eagle wings popped up on leather boots. Shoes were square-toed with kitten heels, in just one example of how the designers effectively employed tension between masculine and feminine tendencies.

The label is embracing growing interest in the line from men — its roomy shirts accommodate varying body sizes. A  new clutch was fashioned out of an accessories box — an ultimate display of how to repurpose a design.

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