Erdem Moralioglu said he wanted to look at “how decades look at other decades” for resort. As a result he imagined buttoned-up Victorian dressing through a youthful Sixties lens — a conceit that yielded a collection of pretty, feminine clothes, which Moralioglu spiked with a Gothic undercurrent to give them an edge. The idea came through in an A-line dress done in a blue, black and white guipure lace floral embroidery with a high black-lace collar, and a black fil coupé dress embroidered with delicate flowers and featuring a prim, white ruffled bib at the bodice.


And at times, the designer took a subversive approach to all that Victoriana. He fashioned one high-necked, wildflower-print trenchcoat in rubberized latex, while he worked a bonded leather, knee-length skirt into tiered ruffles — his take on Victorian petticoats.

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