Hussein Chalayan’s breezy resort collection took inspiration from Cuba, where he traveled last year and was taken with its “hybrid” of cultures: a blend of Spanish colonial, American and later, Socialist history. “We try to always create hybrids with the way we combine ideas, but the country itself is a hybrid,” said Chalayan.

To evoke the country’s mood, Chalayan wove a gray and white jacquard depicting dancing couples and a trombone player on a bustier top and matching shorts, as “there’s music everywhere,” he said. His take on Cuba’s military dress came in a sleeveless khaki dress with military pockets at the hips and a cigar-holding pocket at the bodice. It was a youthful lineup with fun elements, such as a print of an insectlike character called Plonk, taken from a Forties book by Joan M. Davies. Chalayan reimagined the character in Cuba, picturing it swimming in the sea, or studying a book of statistics.