Consuelo Castiglioni dealt in audacious combinations of fluid silhouettes, optical illusions and vivid prints for resort. The visual effects amounted to a strange beauty that was edgy, eccentric and sophisticated in Castiglioni’s hands. She specializes in such improbable fusions.


An oddball Seventies vibe permeated the lineup via the color scheme and pattern. Geometric honeycombs came in brown and yellow and oversize wallpaper florals were done in psychedelic clashes of acid blue, pink and burgundy. Castiglioni used contrasting proportions, structure and softness to conjure different moods, such as the geek chic girlishness conveyed by a tromp l’oeil silk blouse and skirt that gave the impression of a slipdress worn over a shirt. Workwear denim pants with extra wide legs worn with a bra top and bicolor leather bomber expressed a more masculine allure.