At this point in the season, any retailer, editor, designer, public relations person, etc. on the resort circuit has heard umpteen times daily that it’s the season with the longest shelf life on the sales floor, it’s the collection that’s meant to sell. Jeremy Scott built his seasonal punchline for Moschino around a cornucopia of shameless retail clichés. They included a dress that looked like a sales tag; a black jacket trimmed with trompe l’oeil receipts, complete with store addresses and transactions in the four figures; and prints that paid homage to the big-house commodities: fragrances. The list went on.


If all the sales floor humor is a bit of an inside joke, it was well-played by Scott. The clothes were a bold, silly treat for eyes weary of racks of nice but commercial merch. And ironically enough, most of the styles were done in understandable silhouettes, rendering them salable for the Moschino customer.

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