David Neville and Marcus Wainwright took a stand against the counterintuitive nomenclature of the season. “We don’t do resort,” said Wainwright. “It’s pre-spring, which is basically the depths of winter in real life.” To their knowledge, Wainwright and Neville’s main client isn’t buying a new wardrobe for her mid-winter trip to St. Barth’s. Her reality is the city, where the elevated streetwear the designers provided makes sense.


The duo showed cropped wide-leg leather pants, quilted bombers and layered viscose knits done in blown-out florals from a collaboration with Liberty — which took the iconic British prints out of their comfort zone and into something more modern. Solid outerwear included a shearling and a relaxed-cut tailored red coat, and slightly ironic but still stylish takes on velour tracksuits inspired by certain neighborhood guys from Brooklyn gave the lineup a little humor.