Ganni’s creative director Ditte Reffstrup aimed to create a youthful mood with the contemporary label’s latest collection. Inspired by a pre-Internet age — specifically, the Eighties and early Nineties — she wanted to capture the “air of excited innocence” of the time. Hence, a collection of A-line minidresses and ruffled skirts, adorned with floral prints (plus a zebra) and a handcrafted pattern showing childlike drawings of the sun and the moon.


In line with the Ganni mix-and-match aesthetic, the designer paired romantic, floral-embroidered mesh pants with a minimalist leather top and a sequined collar styled with a jersey T-shirt; a metallic skirt and drapy, floral-patterned pants were juxtaposed with an oversize, cream-colored peacoat. The beautifully crafted knitwear, made in Tuscany, was strong.


While the collection was well-rounded, it seemed a bit broad: Along with the lighthearted looks were streamlined navy silhouettes, including a pin-striped suit, and though wide-legged pants predominated, there was still a skinny pair or two. So overall, the lineup seemed to lack focus — as if trying too hard to please a variety of tastes.

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