Shrimps designer Hannah Weiland conveyed a feeling of nostalgia and innocence through her resort 2017 collection, which was inspired by nursery rhymes and children’s drawings.


In order to create something spontaneous and instinctive, just like children’s doodles, Weiland designed the patterns of the collection based on drawings she did subconsciously during office meetings or quiet moments.


The results were playful, abstract drawings applied to the lining of every garment and added to the trims of her signature fur coats, which came in a series of saccharine colors, from blush pink to baby blue. Embellishments such as crystal stars were appliquéd on fur collars, while charming gold moon, blue horse and crown motifs were embroidered on sweaters and bags.


Shrimps has always been heavily influenced by art, given Weiland’s background studying the history of art. She referenced the artist Paula Rego and her series of etchings called “Nursery Rhymes.” Complementing the childlike drawings was a pattern inspired by Matisse’s cutouts that decorated short faux-fur coats and knitwear.


“I thought to myself, ‘You can’t reference Matisse’ again, but I love his work so much, it’s so varied in shapes and colors,” said Weiland, adding that she loosely interpreted the artist’s famous leaflike shapes from his Cutouts series, transforming them into half-crescent moons and applying them onto clothes in different-size shapes.


The collection included streamlined pieces, such as culottes, straight-leg jumpsuits and pleated midiskirts done in PVC, which created a balance between the fun and the sophisticated. Weiland also included classic cable-knit sweaters using her collection of old knitting patterns, and wool crepe A-line shiftdresses, a fabric the designer experimented with for the first time.


“Our customer age range is very varied, so I wanted the collection to have a more sophisticated, chic element to it. I love contrasting fun elements with chicness,” added the designer.

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