Three years ago, when Stuart Vevers took the helm at Coach 1941, he had a plan and a vision for the brand. “I really saw Coach as being a destination for fashion,” he said. Today, he has no doubt reinvigorated the American brand into a solid fashion player. “It’s really important to me to challenge what luxury means to the next generation. Luxury does not have to be formal,” Vevers added.


Looks-wise, he stuck to his formula. Biker jackets offset by feminine dresses came in fun “customized” versions with badges; T-shirts reminiscent of the quintessential American rock tees featured automobile motifs, which carried over into totes as well as sneakers. Felix the Cat even made a few appearances throughout. “I think it’s quite an eclectic mix of references,” Vevers pointed out. Case in point: a cool parka with cowboy shirt detailing.


“I really want Coach to be in the forefront of what luxury in fashion can be going forward,” Vevers concluded.

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