Having only graduated a year-and-a-half ago from university, New Zealand-based designer Maggie (Marilyn) Hewitt has an impressive four seasons (including resort 2018) under her belt with a global business that is growing quite quickly. “We are now in 30 stockists and 70 doors globally; we picked up some amazing new stockists last season which are dropping into stores in July,” Hewitt noted. Resort 2018 included a collection of easily worn and washable pieces that she designed for prior collections, noting that as a young brand, it’s important to create a feeling and mood that can become identifiable.

The Maggie Marilyn brand prides itself on being ethically conscious. Playing into this, Hewitt revealed that the brand recently changed to a two drop system — she will be showing both spring and resort during her resort appointments, with fall and pre-fall during her pre-fall appointments. “Carrying on from our ethically conscious ethos, not only is it important to think about the make and supply chain but to also look after my team as a whole, and me as a designer…having enough time to actually come up with newness, not under this crazy treadmill of turning our new collections every three months,” Hewitt explained. She noted it was also to be helpful to buyers, narrowing down the usual four appointments to two a year.

Hewitt’s “resort” section of the newest collection included an array of reds, fuchsias and sunshine yellows, such as ruffled separates and easy striped dresses. “Summer” transitioned these pieces with shades of blues and greens. The updated palette was new for the brand — prior seasons were more subdued and had a dusty palette. “Color is just so uplifting for this season. I think with everything that’s going on in the world, it’s a bit of a crazy place, you just want clothes to make you feel happy,” she mused. Highlights of the collection included a white “tulip” skirt as well as pin tucked striped dresses that released at the hem and an athletic inspired zip collar. These sporty details combined with the bright palette and ability to be easily worn gave the “end of summer, revitalized feel” Hewitt was aiming for.

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