Christopher Kane isn’t one to shy away from a taboo topic or to let his obsession with science, human behavior and fetishes guide his design process every season.

For resort, he looked at people’s relationships with the digital world and came up with a “Technosexual” collection, complete with futuristic foil fabrics in metallic pink or silver hues; chunky metal embellishments, and slogans like “Technosexual” or “Agalmatophilia” — meaning an obsession with statues or mannequins — splattered on T-shirt dresses and coats.

Kane also explored fetishism through silhouette, with some light, black foil dresses rendered in covered, almost “puritanical” midi shapes and others featuring more risqué cutouts.

“Nothing is taboo and nothing will ever be taboo for Christopher Kane. The whole concept of censorship didn’t work back then, so why should it work now?” the designer said. “We’re not humdrum, we need to explore these notions and have a sense of humor. It’s all about provoking a reaction and giving women the tools to feel empowered, because women today should have the power to be sexually aggressive and not be shamed for it.”

Despite all the provocation and fetishistic themes woven into the collection, Kane still managed to channel a sense of ease.

He turned to tried-and-tested fabrics like velvet to deliver easy eveningwear options; denim updated with metal embellishments and cotton used on fuss-free shirt dresses that featured striking frills with black piping.

His popular chainmail — a fabric he’s been using ever since Donatella Versace gifted him some for his graduate collection — also came back in the form of dresses and skirts rendered in simple, straight silhouettes.

Kane has been flexing his commercial muscles even further, with the launch of a new, festive “More Joy” collection where his cheeky “Joy” and “Sex” slogans are rendered on everything from silk pajamas, to knitted scarves and mugs for Christmas.