The designer revived some old favorites and added a sustainability angle to his collection, whipping up dresses made from recycled and recyclable lace, and giving customers in his Mayfair store the chance to return used items in exchange for credit.

Zhang’s red or black fit-and-flare tulle dresses were covered with bits of lace that would normally have been thrown away. Longer dresses had dark lace insets. The designer said he’s willing to take these dresses back – once used – so the lace can be recycled into a whole new yarn.

“The lace continues to be recycled, and can become tweed, depending on the yarn we decide to make,” said Zhang, who said he likes the idea of “slow fashion.”

Other looks included elegant pleated skirts and dresses with lace insets, a sheer polka dot baby-doll dress and a pink pleated gown with long, fluttering sleeves. Outerwear included a tweed bomber jacket adorned with feathers.

Going forward, Zhang said he plans to rotate some bestsellers from his archive into the main, seasonal collections and ensure his offer runs from day to evening.

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