“Everything is not quite what it seems, and why should it be. Nothing should ever be obvious or tedious. Clothes need to evoke emotion as well as comfort, and as everything in life, be thought-provoking,” wrote Antonio Berardi in his resort 2020 collection notes.

In keeping with his own very distinctive aesthetic, the designer managed to inject life and personality in his lineup, which was beautifully interpreted by model Finn Buchanan, a 17-year-old boy with a feminine past.

Elegant and quintessentially sensual, the collection carried a refreshing sense of lightness.

Wool showed a silk feel on a maxidress trimmed with a feminine ruffle and a jumpsuit featuring a utilitarian attitude. Delicate lace inserts punctuated a mini shirtdress, while a corsetry look defined the bustier dress worn with a fluffy organza blouse.

Introducing a lively, joyful note, a micro floral print was splashed on the leopard devoré silk of a tunic frock with charming volume at the sleeves, while an impeccable sartorial blazer surprisingly revealed an inlaid organza shirt enriched by tiny velvet ribbons for extra sophistication.

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