Stella McCartney called her latest women’s collection “Force of Nature” as a way of trumpeting her brand’s sustainable credentials. McCartney has been a pioneer in green sourcing and manufacturing and said that when she starts work on a collection the first thing she thinks about is the soil, and the animals and how both are being treated.

One thing McCartney hasn’t focused on is getting that message across in the clothes’ design. For resort she’s done a few things, including creating a capsule collection called “We Are the Weather.” It includes organic cotton dresses and trousers, a lightweight puffer coat and T-shirts with phrases from her pal Jonathan Safran Foer’s upcoming book “We Are the Weather,” a non-fiction work about the day-to-day decisions needed to preserve the planet.

The capsule’s chief motif is a cartoonish, hand-drawn sunburst surrounded by clouds and blowing a gust of wind from its lips, while phrases such as “Saving the planet starts at breakfast,” “Be leaving, believing, be living” and “Our Planet is a farm” have been printed — in Safran Foer’s handwriting — onto dresses, trousers and jumpsuits, or embroidered on the grosgrain ribbons that appear on tailored suits.

The natural world stretches beyond the capsule and into other parts of this chic collection. There’s an abstract horse print on a cotton dress and a bow blouse; a fake fur coat covered with leopard spots and dresses blossoming with delicate flower petals that have been hand-embroidered on tulle. There’s a lovely botanical print, too, for dresses with handkerchief hemlines.

The resort collection features sustainable viscose, organic cotton, regenerated cashmere, regenerated nylon and zero PVC.

McCartney said she also tried to think in terms of day-to-night dressing, with dresses and jumpsuits that can be worn belted, or unbelted, and with platforms sandals or sneakers. Other easy pieces include a camel trench, a lilac overcoat and an evening mini with snaking gold trim and a Sixties sci-fi feel.

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