Count on Adeam’s Hanako Maeda to bridge the gap between modern fashion and Japanese heritage. The designer has long sought reference points from her culture, resulting in personal collections with broad appeal.

She looked to Japanese woodblock prints known as “Kacho-ga” for resort — which have a hallmark of incorporating animals and nature — to inform a collection blending organic textures and colors with an artful quality. “I was intrigued by this motif in particular because it felt very serene and it has this quality of effortless fluidity and this idea of something organic, and restful and peaceful,” she noted at a preview.

She played with artistic elements in the most sophisticated ways. A colorful print she created digitally drew from “Kacho-ga” and was rendered into a playful asymmetric dress, or built into chic coats and dresses as mixed media accents along the collar and sleeves. Take a closer look, and you’ll realize nothing is too perfect. There was an artful irregularity to the patchwork denim, classic shirting cut with a halter neckline, or the baroque pearls holding together the sleeves of an off-shoulder ribbed knit.

She focused on formality, too, underscored by natural colors like soft shades of sky blue, petal pink, beige and deep red that reminded her of a Japanese Camellia flower. She explored soft tailoring in these shades, with standouts including long trenchcoats and a vest dress that toed the line of formal and everyday. Maeda’s seamless blend of art, sophistication and wearability made this another collection brimming with modern and youthful charm.

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