It’s pretty evident by now that the resort season covers all types of clothes — ranging from vacation to winter attire to holiday dressing — as long as it works for the brand. A.L.C.’s Andrea Lieberman focused on delivering holiday pieces in a feel-good, self-confident language all too familiar to her customers. After all, during November and December, her woman wants dresses and party outfits with a thread of luxe novelty.

Resort marked the first season Lieberman was intricate and more intentful when it came to fabric development, ensuring a level of richness ran through beautiful moires and velvet jacquards. A sleek one-shoulder moire jumpsuit had a cool factor to it, while a hot pink minidress version leaned more campy and fun. “I think our girl deserves to go out and have a good time,” Lieberman said on a call from L.A., adding: “To feel beautiful, strong, and the best version of herself.” The pop of color, seen more mildly on a crisp suit and pleated cutout dress, was an emotional draw, too. “We want our women to go into the store and become attached to touching fabrics and feeling good.”

Her propositions for holiday attire were modern to wit. In one collection, you could opt for a tailored look with sequin pants or choose a funkier leopard print shirt-and-skirt set. A rhinestone suit was equally playful, while a robe dress with rhinestone trimming had the versatility to be dressed up or down. It was all apparently a lesson on self-love. “For me, putting on something that feels good is a form of self-care. I want for women to put this on and feel good and feel like they’re taking care of themselves and I want to help take care of them. That’s always been my mantra.”

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