For resort, Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman wanted to explore the “uncomfortable tension” between “the dichotomy of elements between order and disorder.” In simpler terms, the duo decided to explore contrasts for their latest Camilla and Marc collection — sharp, signature tailoring to slightly oversize, slightly voluminous shapes or clean, monochromatic looks to busy, distorted floral printed silhouettes. The contrasts here weren’t so black and white, and the best came in the details. The yellow top stitch on an hourglass blue dress or contrasting hues on the gusset of their new cross-body Luna bag.

Freeman-Topper described the first look, a distorted floral printed silk cotton blouse with poet’s sleeves and matching car-wash hemmed, high-waisted pencil skirt, as a hero piece of the collection because it “talks directly to the inspiration in the balance of disconnection of order and disorder.” The playful print, designed in-house, clashed with its softer, flowy silhouette. But that was the goal. Meanwhile, an exaggerated, enlarged version of the distorted floral in tennis ball green printed on a white cotton day dress felt fresh and new. Throughout the remainder of the collection, tailoring continued to be a hallmark of the brand.

Overall, the collection held a more playful, experimental feel — contrasting with fall, if almost purposely.

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