Greta Constantine Resort 2020

“We’re back, in a burst of color,” exclaimed Stephen Wong, “Jamaica,” Kirk Pickersgill simultaneously rejoiced. For their latest collection, the design duo behind Greta Constantine drew from their Jamaican roots — noting they have also shown during Jamaican Style week for the past three years — to pack their lively lineup with ruffles and vibrancy.

The colors of the Jamaican flag — black, gold and green — met “hot weather colors” such as chartreuse, lemon, pinks, red and blue in the lineup of mostly voluminous dresses. “With a lot of the fabric, for example the gazar, the fabric dances around your body and if it’s so structured that it doesn’t dance around your body, you’ve got ruffles,” Wong explained. Gazar gowns — a black strapless or ruffled ice gray floor-length doll-like style — made for nice airy offerings against the bolder liquid-y micro sequined jumpsuits (which was stellar in chartreuse) or silk faille dresses with oversize ruffles running down the sleeves, across the bodice or along the hems. A hot pink poufed crop top with matching culotte trouser made for a wonderful break among the festive frocks.

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