Tanya Taylor is not new to the extended sizing realm, she’s been designing up to size 22 into collections since pre-fall 2017, but her emphasis for the category this season was invigorating and inspiring. The designer explained a focus for her resort collection in shape, how her styles shouldn’t be tricky but rather adapt and flex to all body types. Case in point, a horizontal striped knit dress, ultra flattering on two of her three look book models, sizes 4 and 16. Ditto to her drapy, mixed floral frocks and shimmering, leopard jacquard suiting.

“Even with busts, too, I think it’s so important to think about. When you’re in fashion, you’re trained to think, ‘Oh no chest, and no curves, and straight [body type]…’ but that’s not anybody,” she uttered.

Taylor has been building a community of women (of all sizes and fields of work) and involving them directly into her creative process. “This is a learning process,” she’d tell them, “Look at our site, tell us what you want to buy. Do you think it’s photographed so you know how it’s supposed to fit?” While the brand is unable to produce every single style in extended sizing, her community is directly helping her understand and better the business, and fashionably so.

In terms of the collection as a whole, inspiration stemmed from British author Zadie Smith — who’s bold point of view on writing, as well as personal sense of expression and style Taylor admired. Images of Smith in brightly colored hues and poppy prints adorned the designer’s mood board, along with a collage of flowers, art and a woman’s clenched fist raised in the air.

“How do we want to empower women who have a very individual sense of their story and how they want to express it? What are the codes of different pieces we want to create so we give them the vocabulary for that story?” she asked. Suiting played an important answer in the collection, like an electric pink “Business Barbie” checked number. Other wonderful codes included slinky, super slim “painterly leopard” printed jersey dresses as well as a cropped hunter green faux patent leather moto jacket with big sleeves and nipped waist. No matter the layer, Taylor’s lineup held clothes with strong personality for all.