With a closet as chock-full as her agenda, Alexis Mabille’s A-list client needs an extra reason to splash out on something new. Here’s what he thought she could use: a gown sturdy enough to be tucked away in a small suitcase — and unfurled when needed. Elegance in an instant.

Not that one could imagine squeezing any of these long, silky dresses into luggage.

Mabille kept the resort collection soothing and easy — always on the upper end of the luxury scale. His signature cape dresses came with V-necks, skimming the knee or the floor. The color palette felt fresh, with lots of whites, pale pinks and a bit of black. Another trademark silhouette — the short bustier dress — came in bright red, lined with a spray of jagged-edged tulle on the top of the chest and at the bottom. Adding to the fluidity of this lineup were draped dresses, asymmetric numbers in a peach pink, the folds worked just-so, enhancing the right places — the shoulders and a hip. A flattering, floor-length dress in black with a slightly splayed collar and long sleeves had a timeless feel to it, a surefire hit. Patches of lace, the occasional bow and sprigs of tulle added a touch of liveliness to the serene collection, thought up for a woman on the go.

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