For his resort collection, Christian Wijnants focused on tailoring, offering a clean lineup that toggled between his signature, modern prints and monochrome looks, with a number of suit jackets, culotte trousers and airy blouses. As always, his distinctive color choice proved effective, channeling brightness without ever feeling frivolous — in one example, an imposing suit, cut squarely and amply came in a stark, sherbet green.

Checks were broad-stroked and airy, while flower patterns included a stylized sunflower-like print in yellow, green and brown, or violet-like, in purple and green, used to make relaxed suits or draped dresses. An interesting experiment with nude-colored latex redefined purified — seamless, worn on bare skin, with matching earrings in the form of long, latex tassels. Further playing with texture, he also offered all ivory looks, including a quilted vest paired with a knit skirt, and tailored trousers with a sleeveless, knit top. Wijnants is skilled at keeping things fresh and new while not straying from the brand’s particular breed of femininity: light and sophisticated at once.