Elevated daywear was the main course that Alberta Ferretti served at her resort feast. Even if she couldn’t resist some dishes in the eveningwear category, the designer focused on more quotidian attire, always reflecting the brand’s signature femininity.

While she opted for solid tones of orange, cobalt blue and pink for impeccably cut suits — their mannish look softened by feminine silk blouses — she indulged in extravagant prints, too. Patchworks of graphic and floral patterns were employed for long skirts matched with coordinated shirts, or pajama sets with a easy-chic attitude.

In a more urban vein, Ferretti developed jeans in Eighties volumes that were laser-washed to create charming motifs running down the legs, as well as cargo pants tucked into boots and paired with crochet sweaters.

For a touch of discreet glamour, the designer created black dresses and coats covered with a cascade of tone-on-tone raffia fringes, which brought a party feeling to the season.

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