Coming into the resort season in the midst of a global pandemic, designer Marina Moscone’s biggest concern was her team. In a time when many have been unable to work, Moscone wanted to play to her team’s strengths (while working from home) in order to move forward and design a collection that is as comforting as it is beautiful.

“We’re all very good at exploring things that are very hands-on and tactile, I think everyone on my team is on the same page about loving that.” Moscone explained over Zoom, “So I said, “Let’s do what we do best. let’s keep going and do something really beautiful.””

In the past, Moscone’s collections have always had an intriguing, artisanal touch — whether it be hand-marbled slips from spring or embroidered gowns with long, hanging strands from fall. For resort, Moscone and her team focused on the hands-on artistry of weaving. Since March, Moscone has been learning the ins and outs of the craft while designing at home on a wooden loom.

The resort collection not only prominently displays woven techniques, but offers them on signature silhouettes in a tightly edited, meaningful array. Basque tailored blazers came with button-off woven decoration, while long tunics were comprised entirely of patchworked cashmere silk and paper yarns. The designer experimented with knots and braiding and traditional warp and weft weaving on dresses, and even a Baja pullover hoodie, while while incorporating her signature twisting and draping techniques on more undone, silk tunics (offered in both dress- and top-lengths). In addition to exploring the relationship between weaving and tailoring, Moscone incorporated archival seasons’ deadstock yarns into the new garments.

“I’m really glad we did it. The best thing is, I’ve always said that my clothes and my collections are very open to interpretation,” Moscone mused. While the designer explained that the collection was not designed as a “COVID-19 collection,” her designs embody a protective, comforting spirit — especially in the form of a standout, cream hand-quilted and hand-felted “armor” dress.