“The whole mind-set was let’s recognize that we’re going through a rough time together but also recognize the fact that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I think the best thing to do is keep PH5 alive,” said cofounder Wei Lin, who has been sheltering in China where production and development factories have reopened.

Along with newly onboarded co-designer Zoe Champion, Lin put out a collection in PH5’s signature bright, playful and whimsical ease. “We wanted to create a collection that was about hopefulness, and the real hope that by the time resort comes out that people will be able to put on fun outfits and feel really positive about everything,” Champion added on a call from Australia. To that end, the look book focused on a message of joy through connection, with friends and with nature.

Notable was the brand’s foray into eveningwear by adorning signature asymmetric knit dresses with recycled sequins. “The benefit of knitwear is that it’s stretchy and comfortable so we felt it was a good transition for people used to loungewear and ready to go out,” Champion said. Cardigans and wavy skirts featuring multicolor micro-checks were fun results through a digital collaboration with their factories, since physical appointments weren’t possible for the season.

An overall push to become more sustainable and socially conscious included redesigning packaging, building in a charitable component to future sales and expanding sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton knit activewear launched in fall. “We want to be more focused on becoming a better brand, a brand that has value beyond fashion and hone in on what people care about,” Lin said.