“It’s up to us to inspire,” said Fred Segal Flair retailer turned designer Jeannine Braden. “Sweatpants are in our DNA,” explained the creator of Los Angeles contemporary brand Le Superbe, “but where are the fun clothes? We have to lead the way.”

Braden is feeling the Roaring ’20s desire to dress-for-excess. So the forever Venice, Calif., surf- and skater-inspired designer headed to Hollywood for resort, with pieces that are ready to party, perhaps at the new Sunset Boulevard club with Jazz Age vibes, The Britely.

The look: Cosmic 2020s with nods to astrology, numerology, tarot and Bowie.

Standout pieces: Rhinestone-embroidered jeans and cutoff jean shorts (embellished denim is back!); crystal scattered, moody blue tie-dye cashmere sweater; “Hidden gems” gemstone print pencil skirts and bow blouses; feathered and beaded flapper minidresses; sun or moon-embroidered velvet robe minidresses; cosmic rainbow sequin motif knife-pleated skirt; “Chakra Khan” cardigan jacket; “Malibu days and Hollywood nights” music playlist T-shirt.

The takeaway: Braden’s witty, tongue-in-cheek slogans and insider L.A. references add something extra to the contemporary fashion medium, making Le Superbe a spirit guide.