When in September 2020 Nicola Brognano made his runway debut as creative director of Blumarine, channeling a Paris Hilton-like early Aughts look, not many would have imagined he was going to anticipate the biggest Instagram trend of the past few months.

The infamous 2000s style is back and Brognano was among the first to feel that. Leveraging on the success of his Blumarine collections among celebrities and influencers, the designer for resort stuck to his formula, presenting a flamboyant lineup strong on cropped tops, low waist cuts, chiffon wrap dresses, and satin cargo pants, as well as overall prints of roses and butterflies, the brand’s new spiritual animals.

Brognano addresses young women who dress to impress. They like vibrant tones of bubblegum pink, turquoise and acid green, and style their looks with mini logo bags and colorful acetate sunglasses.

Probably not everyone is ready to make a jump back to the early 2000s, but surely social media is demonstrating that Paris and Nicole and their “The Simple Life” have never been so cool, especially among the latest generations.