Lucie and Luke Meier unveiled another beautiful collection that displayed their experimental and eclectic approach to fashion creation — one they debuted with the men’s spring lineup. For resort, they conveyed a message of playfulness that was more intellectual and sophisticated than frivolous.

Reflecting the desire for freedom and human relationships, we are all experiencing after the long lockdowns, the collection offered an array of silhouettes in a wide range of materials and with special details. There was something quintessentially romantic and delicate in a dress with a corolla-like maxi collar, while a ribbed Lurex knit separate punctuated with ruffle details introduced a sparkling glamorous note.

While the silhouettes were uncomplicated, the Meiers selected fabrics that held volume. This enabled them, for example, to create charming ruffles running along the edges of a tunic that, despite the decorative element, preserved its purity.

Textures also took center stage with the fuzzy look of a covetable pistachio green mohair coat, as well as with the cord net of a sunflower yellow dress with voluminous sleeves.

A variety of prints contributed to the collection’s eclecticism. They spanned from colorful stripes to a digital image of a forest splashed on a plissé dress and to a black-and-white arty pattern featuring stylized women. Combined with the use of studs to draw floral motifs on pieces and long fringes embellishing the feminine boots, they underscored Jil Sander’s elegant take on playfulness, which felt refreshing.