For the resort season, R13’s Chris Leba wanted to communicate an authentic day in the life of an R13 girl. So, he got in touch with model partners Kate Vitamin and Odie Marie, as well as photographer Marie Tomanova, to take full styling and visual control of his collection look book.

“We came across Kate and Odie and thought, how cool would it be to just send them the collection? The photoshoot was in their apartment, we sent them all the clothes, got them to style it and got Marie to photograph. I love her photographs — the purity and non-fashion, authentic aesthetic. This season, what’s interesting to me is getting someone’s point of view on R13. For me, it’s always consistent. I’m always speaking to the same thing, but I thought why not look into a different lens?”

The look: Fashion-wise, Leba stuck to the brand’s signatures through new plays on proportions, a mix of grunge, punk and attitude.

“Apparently we’re very vulgar. How do we express our angst? I think overall, so much about what we do is — I always want to challenge the taboos of the world,” Leba remarked of updated ‘F–k You’ slogans emblazoned on separates and handbags. 

“I’m in the mind-set that these are the things that belong to us, we want to keep nurturing that,” he added, speaking to updated fur-covered cowboy boots (although it could be applied to the collection as a whole). “We always come up with new ideas, but new ideas all the time cheapen things. I want things to be good and [for us to] stay with them.”

Quote of note: They had 100 percent control over how they wanted to express R13 through their eyes. We trusted the process — the key is to pick the right people to do the right now, then you don’t have to worry about it. Anytime we have to say ‘no, try something else,’ we picked the wrong people, we’re not in sync.”

Key pieces: Graphic Ts, leggings and knits (also great in pink ombre or paired with slouchy knee-length denim shorts); new oversized outerwear with rounded shoulders (like a leather number with zebra panels); bodega-inspired handbags and mini chain wallets.

The takeaway: Once again, the R13 collection encapsulated angsty-coolness in ways that felt both familiar and fresh.