For resort, Elie Saab eased his audience into a fresh spot, capturing the mood of growing optimism with a bright lineup that felt relaxed but didn’t neglect any of the label’s trademark polish.

“I was thinking a lot about the return to life,” said the designer, speaking on a Zoom call from Lebanon. He continued his pursuit of dressing his client from day into the night, broadening the offer considerably this season, with loose tracksuit-flavored trousers — black with a wide, white stripe running down the side — paired with a matching top, also carrying the stripe on the arm but livened up with a stylized modern floral print. The same print was whipped into a shorts-and-suit-jacket ensemble, and handbags featured prominently with both looks — black and white, stamped with the ornate house logo.

Also refreshing were a series of monochrome silhouettes in tart colors — blue, yellow, red. These came in the house’s signature gowns — the draped, ground-sweeping goddess numbers — as well as a few trimmer options that could slip easily from day to evening.

Saab embraced a new approach with embroidery work, too, affixing the shimmery embellishment to the bottom of a sheer — that is, see-through — dress in black, and on the forearms, Wonder Woman-style.

The use of mini sequins allowed for a “second skin” effect, explained Saab, singling them out as a new touch this season and noting he likes to present his products in a fresh manner with each collection.

Adding to the festive feel, models were shown in groups. A trio of leggy models in sailor-flavored looks were pictured strutting along a slab of concrete lining the sea, offering a peek at the shoes — towering or flat, the curves of the logo serving to frame the foot.

“We’re excited to see this new way of living,” he said, pointing out the decision to playfully group more than one model in the frame.