Pedro Lourenço admits that sustainability is difficult to achieve and, instead, he focused on creating “conscious pieces.” “It’s still not possible to be 100 percent sustainable,” he confessed.

Zilver is Lourenço’s new brand and for his debut collection he designed with simplicity in mind. Button-down shirts and khaki parkas were crafted with clean, sharp lines in a black and white color palette that was broken up with a neon green oversize sweatshirt and a tomato-red biker outfit.

He also took inspiration from military styles. Two-tone denim jeans were decorated with removable silver hardware and asymmetric leather miniskirts were done up with zips and belts.

There were plenty of basics to offer. Among these there was a standout piece, a colorful racecar design that was printed on a pair of jeans.

“The print is super important and inspired by racing helmets,” Lourenço said. He also translated this into his new Helmet bag, “in Paris, when all the girls and boys take their helmets off, they hold it by the strap and use it to hold their keys and wallets,” he said.

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